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Helping Engineering Firms Build High-Performing Teams

Dedicated to empowering engineering companies and leaders who are committed to growth and believe in the power of investing in their employees. 


High Performance Assessment

Are you showing up as a High-Performance Leader? Take this assessment to find out how you measure up against top leaders and learn the 6 pillars that all high performing leaders must have.

Absolute Advantage Podcast

Learn from and get inspired by some of the world’s most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and achievers at the top of their game.


Turning Survive Into Thrive: Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

This live training will be customized to the specific challenges that you and your team are experiencing today. We will work with you to ensure that each of you walk away with the clarity and the tools need to navigate what's ahead.

Absolute Impact Coaching

For engineering leaders and aspiring leaders SERIOUS about making an impact, becoming more focused, productive, influential and successful by activating their full potential


Absolute Advantage 

All Access

Put yourself on the path to activating your full
potential as a leader


Absolute Insight

Insights you can apply TODAY to make an IMPACT NOW

"Working with Absolute Advantage has provided me with valuable tools and strategies to challenge my limiting beliefs and break through my burnout cycles."

Charlene C., Manager
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program and Elite Coaching Program

"High-performance coaching surprised me in all of the best ways. I had no idea I had this much to give as a leader, husband and father and how my life could change so drastically for the better in such a short period of time."

Dan G., Director of Manufacturing
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program

"Not only did the Absolute Advantage Coaching sharpen my skills, it gave me a new foundation I didn’t know I needed. This program changed the way I think about everything; from day-to-day interactions to the 10,000 ft view."

Alissa M., Manager
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program and Elite Coaching Program

"Through my work with Absolute Advantage, my life has changed. I have plugged back into life and am seeing results in EVERY facet."

Marcia B., CEO
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program

"Through our coaching I have gained immense clarity, formed high-performance habits around the key areas of my life and am firing on all cylinders."

Melanie H., Director of Marketing
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program

"I’m thriving in ALL areas of my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and so are the people around me. The upside I didn’t expect is that the one area of my life that was going well, my business, is going even better."

Jeremy P., CEO/Entrepreneur
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program

Achieve More. Impact More.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams



“6 Secrets Of The Highest Performing Leaders”

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