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Founders Kelly Hatfield, CHPC and April Taylor

Leadership is a beautiful gift.

As leaders, we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact in the world. We believe it’s our responsibility to embrace this privilege by living into our truest and fullest potential, allowing us to strengthen our impact and give more. -Kelly & April

We are leaders and entrepreneurs at heart. We believe FULLY in the power of the ripple effect and the opportunity that each of us has to create meaningful, positive and long-lasting impact in the lives of our teams, our clients and all who we serve. We consistently focus on ensuring that this amazing opportunity is realized and have built several successful companies directly connected to helping others live into their opportunity to make a greater impact. 

We have been in the Recruiting and HR field for over 25 years. Along with our amazing teams, we have created 4 successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with top organizations. Through our passion for service and helping people, our reach has organically expanded into the area of coaching and consulting. With a focus on high-performance, we partner directly with leaders and with companies to support and develop their leadership teams and design recruiting and retention strategies. Additionally, our work as hosts of Absolute Advantage Podcast offers a conduit to deep discussions with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders across a variety of industries. This has provided us with a unique perspective and deep connection to leadership, people, entrepreneurship and high-achieving practices from all viewpoints.

As successful entrepreneurs and certified High-Performance Institute Coaches, we couldn’t be more excited about helping you take your personal and professional life to the next level. We’ve had a lifelong passion for helping others succeed and are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of the people we touch. With over 25 years in leadership, we know from experience what it takes to build a happy life, successful business, high-performance mindset and high achieving teams. We are certain that one of the keys to our success as leaders and entrepreneurs has been the support we’ve received along the way from coaches, mentors and subject matter experts in their respective fields. Any time we’ve needed to level-up, we’ve sought the advice and support from those who have been where we want to go.

If it’s YOUR time for a dramatic transformation and rapid advancement in your personal and professional life, we’d love to help you break through your barriers and reach your highest potential so you can go out and make YOUR impact in the world.


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