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Creativity on Purpose

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020

I believe a key component of being successful in business and in life comes down to being creative. We all are creative. The challenge is getting that creativity to come out. We are so busy and distracted. It’s hard to stop, think and create the space needed in our minds to explore ideas. But these ideas are where the gold is.

By implementing a system to stimulate ideas and creativity, you will supercharge your results and success in your business and life. This one key element in my weekly routine has changed the game for me.

Your personal growth plan creates a great deal of “input” and primes the pump for what is called The Thinking Tablet exercise. The Thinking Tablet exercise creates the “output”.

Here’s how it works:

2 times per week, you are going to carve 30 minutes out of your schedule to simply “Think”. So first, look at your schedule and find 2 times each week that work best for you. Pick 2 times that work for you consistently. The key is that they are times you can commit to religiously.

Next, grab a tablet or journal, find a comfortable, quiet place and simply “think”. Jot down whatever comes to mind. Let the thinking session be very free-form, with no agenda. What comes forth will often be perspective and innovative ideas. Often, they’ll be very subtle, but profound. The session often shines the light on future actions you need to take, which leads me to the next step.

Once you finish your thinking session, you draw a line at the bottom of the last thing you wrote. Then list two things:

#1 Your takeaways - this basically recaps what you discovered.         

#2 - Your action steps.         

Take a minute to record your action steps on your weekly to do sheet.

In so many ways, these thinking tablet sessions are when the magic happens. And it’s happening because you’ve created a “system” to stimulate your creativity. Your subconscious mind begins to “depend” on this system. It responds with creative ideas that otherwise wouldn’t spring forth.

Again, it’s the output of all the input you’re feeding in from your personal growth. To fully benefit from the personal growth plan you’ve developed your subconscious mind needs an output. And your subconscious mind evolves to depending on these thinking tablet sessions. It starts looking for things to incorporate into these sessions.

I can say without hesitation that this has been life-changing for me. Truly life-changing. So many times I’ve come up with a game-changer idea for my business simply from creating the space to let that happen.

To be completely transparent, I struggled with this the first week I implemented it. I was so used to being in a reactive mode with things coming at me hundred miles per hour that I was stuck on what to write about. My creative muscle had atrophied so-to-speak. But by the second week, that changed. Because I knew I would be sitting down to do this exercise, my brain started looking for ideas and topics that would come up throughout the week in meetings, through my weekly personal growth and just in day to day conversations with my team, clients and business partner. I started having so many ideas to explore that it is now part of my DAILY routine.

One of the ideas that was spurred was around the concept of offering and integrating high performance one-on-one coaching into our organization. As a result, we experienced a 25% increase in productivity, increased quality, and employee engagement is through the roof. Our culture and the way we interact with each other has also been affected in such a way – I’m not even sure we can quantify it at this point.

This is one small idea that moved the needle big time and it all came from hearing something in a podcast episode I may otherwise not have paid attention to, but my brain was programmed to look for it. That 30-minute session translated to real dollars and is transforming the lives of our employees.

This happened because I created the space and environment for that creative idea to surface.  Think about the impact that this could have in your business and life.



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