Turning Survive Into Thrive:
Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

How you support your employees during these times of uncertainty will have a far-reaching impact on the retention of your team and the future of your business.
This training will give you a unique lens into the challenges that your employees are facing during these uncertain times. Together, you and your team will learn important tools and tactics to endure the turbulence and find the resilience needed.

What you'll get:

  • 45 minute pre-training call

  • After training debriefing consultation

  • Communication tools and techniques that support connected, collaborative teams

  • The top stress management strategies and tactics for today’s turbulent times

  • 10 ways to reduce stress and boost productivity

  • The hidden impact your stress is having on those around you and the 3 tactics to fix it

  • And much more

    *Pricing based on number of attendees


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