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"Kelly has been an extraordinary coach! As a result of working with Kelly, I went from being good at my job but having periods of burnout, to having immense clarity around my career/passion & purpose and performing at a high-level reaching new measures of success in my career. Prior to working with Kelly, frankly I had hit a wall and stopped making big strides in my professional growth - I had plateaued. Working with Absolute Advantage has provided me with valuable tools & strategies to challenge my limiting beliefs and breakthrough my burnout cycles. I came out of each session feeling empowered and well-equipped. She helped me integrate healthy habits to insure I was showing up as my best self every single day and operating at a higher level every day. I see a major difference in my production and am getting more done in my work & home life. I’ve been able to lead others better, be courageous to step EVEN MORE outside of my comfort zone, and dramatically increased my sense of joy and confidence. Kelly has the gift & skill of being analytical, interpersonally strong, an incredible listener and empathetic- her stories, lessons and insights were always spot on. All of which made our coaching sessions super impactful to my personal/professional life and made this very much a meaningful journey. This has been a very rewarding experience, and I absolutely see life in a whole new way."

Charlene C., Manager
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program and Elite Coaching Program

"I heard about Absolute Advantage through a friend that was a guest on the Absolute Advantage Podcast. I had been talking about hiring a coach to take things to the next level in my career and they suggested I reach out to Kelly. It was one of the best decisions of my career and life. High-performance coaching surprised me in all of the best ways. I had no idea I had this much to give as a leader, husband and father and how my life could change so drastically for the better in such a short period of time. My only regret through the entire process is that I didn’t learn about this earlier in my life."

Dan G., Director of Manufacturing
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program


"I recently took on a new leadership role and wanted to build on my existing skills. Not only did the Absolute Advantage Coaching sharpen my skills, it gave me a new foundation I didn’t know I needed. I truly feel that I have all of the tools I need to continue building and leading a cohesive team. One of my key takeaways was learning to be intentional each day and influencing others in the most positive way possible. This program changed the way I think about everything; from day-to-day interactions to the 10,000 ft view. It was engaging and encouraging; I can’t imagine leading a team any other way."

Alissa M., Manager
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program and Elite Coaching Program



"Through my work with Absolute Advantage, my life has changed. I have plugged back into life and am seeing results in EVERY facet of my life. Everyone close to me keeps asking what I’m doing and I just send them Kelly’s direction. Love her!"

Marcia B., CEO
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program


"I was living a great life, but wasn’t fulfilled and on autopilot. I was frustrated because I knew I had more to offer and was settling or selling myself short. Through our coaching, I have gained immense clarity, formed high-performance habits around the key areas of my life and am firing on all cylinders. My profits have gone up, my waistline has gone down and my relationships are thriving."

Melanie H., Director of Marketing
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program


"By most people’s estimation or definition of success, I was killing it, but in actuality, I felt like a fraud because the only place I was “killing it” was in my business, the rest of the areas of my life were a mess. I can honestly say that after working with Kelly, I’m thriving in ALL areas of my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and so are the people around me. The upside I didn’t expect is that the one area of my life that was going well, my business, is going even better."

Jeremy P., CEO/Entrepreneur
12-Week Accelerated Coaching Program


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